Colleen Ballinger Spouse

Colleen Ballinger Spouse

Colleen Ballinger, widely recognized for her internet persona, Miranda Sings, has significantly impacted digital media and entertainment. Beyond her professional life, her personal life, particularly her relationships, has garnered much attention from fans and media alike. This article delves into the details of Colleen Ballinger Spouse, providing a comprehensive overview of her marital history and current relationship status.

Early Life and Career of Colleen Ballinger

Before diving into her relationships, it’s essential to understand Colleen Ballinger’s background. Born on November 21, 1986, in Santa Barbara, California, Colleen Ballinger is a multi-talented performer known for her work as an actress, comedian, singer, and YouTube personality. She gained widespread fame through her character Miranda Sings, an eccentric and untalented performer who believes she is destined for fame despite her lack of talent. The character’s exaggerated, over-the-top performances quickly became a viral sensation, leading to a dedicated following and substantial media attention.

First Marriage: Joshua David Evans

Colleen Ballinger’s first high-profile relationship was with Joshua David Evans, a fellow YouTube personality known for his channel JoshuaDTV. The couple began dating in 2009, and their relationship quickly became a favorite topic among fans. Colleen and Joshua were known for their frequent collaborations, appearing in each other’s videos and sharing their lives with their combined fanbase.

Engagement and Marriage

In April 2015, Joshua proposed to Colleen in a heartfelt video that captured the essence of their relationship, filled with humor and genuine emotion. The proposal video quickly went viral, further solidifying their status as a beloved YouTube couple. They married later that year, on July 2, 2015, in a widely publicized ceremony through their social media platforms.

The Divorce

However, despite their seemingly perfect relationship online, Colleen and Joshua faced numerous challenges behind the scenes. In September 2016, just over a year after their wedding, Colleen announced in a tearful YouTube video that they had decided to divorce. The video, titled “Life Update,” highlighted the emotional toll the separation had on her and marked the end of their relationship. The divorce was finalized later that year.

Second Marriage: Erik Stocklin

Following her divorce from Joshua David Evans, Colleen Ballinger took some time to focus on herself and her career. During this period, she met actor Erik Stocklin while filming the Netflix series “Haters Back Off,” based on her Miranda Sings character. Erik played the role of Patrick, Miranda’s best friend and love interest, and their on-screen chemistry quickly translated into a real-life romance.

Relationship and Engagement

Colleen and Erik began dating in early 2018 but kept their relationship relatively private compared to her previous one. They announced their engagement in June 2018, revealing that they had been quietly dating. The couple’s relationship was marked by stability and mutual respect, with Erik often appearing in Colleen’s vlogs and social media posts.

Marriage and Family

The same year, Colleen and Erik took their relationship to the next level by getting married in a private ceremony. The couple also announced they were expecting their first child together, adding another joy to their union. On December 10, 2018, Colleen gave birth to their son, Flynn Timothy Stocklin. The birth of their son was a significant milestone for the couple, and Colleen frequently shares updates about their family life with her fans.

The Dynamic of Colleen and Erik’s Relationship

Colleen Ballinger and Erik Stocklin’s relationship stands out for its grounded and supportive nature. Unlike her previous marriage, Colleen and Erik have maintained a more private and low-key approach, which appears to have contributed to their marriage’s strength and longevity.

Professional Collaboration

Despite their privacy preference, Colleen and Erik do occasionally collaborate professionally. Erik has appeared in several of Colleen’s YouTube videos and vlogs, where their genuine affection and camaraderie are evident. Their professional collaborations extend beyond YouTube, as Erik played in “Haters Back Off,” which helped spark their initial connection.

Parenting Journey

Colleen and Erik have embraced their roles as parents with enthusiasm and dedication. Colleen often shares glimpses of their parenting journey, from Flynn’s milestones to their experiences balancing work and family life. Their approach to parenting reflects their commitment to providing a loving and nurturing environment for their son.

Public Perception and Media Attention

Colleen Ballinger’s relationships have always been a topic of interest for her fans and the media. Her openness about her personal life has allowed fans to feel connected to her on a deeper level. The public’s perception of her relationships has evolved, with many appreciating her honesty and vulnerability, especially during difficult times such as her divorce.

Social Media Presence

Colleen’s social media presence plays a significant role in shaping public perception. She uses platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to share aspects of her life, including her relationship with Erik and their family adventures. This transparency has helped build a loyal fanbase that supports her through various life stages.

Fan Reactions

Fans’ reaction to Colleen’s marriage to Erik has been overwhelmingly positive. Many express admiration for their genuine connection and the happiness they seem to bring each other. Fans who appreciate the balance between sharing and maintaining personal boundaries also respect the couple’s decision to keep certain aspects of their relationship private.


Colleen Ballinger’s journey in love and marriage has been marked by joy and hardship. Colleen’s personal life has evolved significantly from her highly publicized first marriage to Joshua David Evans to her more private and stable relationship with Erik Stocklin. Her experiences reflect the complexities of balancing a public career with personal relationships. Through it all, Colleen has remained resilient and open, endearing her to fans who continue to support her professionally and personally.

In conclusion, Colleen Ballinger’s spouse, Erik Stocklin, plays a crucial role in her life, providing support and partnership as they navigate the challenges and joys of marriage and parenthood. Their story is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the importance of maintaining a balance between public and private life.

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